At Spirit Wrestlers we think that there should be increased provision within the NHS for people who wish to heal naturally. I have found out from personal experience that the current system has no place or alternative set up or anyone who does not want to take chemotherapy or radiotherapy. For people such as myself, and many others like me who are coming through the system this is something that needs to change.

More and more people are aware that there are other holistic alternatives and practices out there and are willing to try them. We need an NHS that supports these people’s wishes and needs and welcomes them instead of making them feel like they are on their own.

As well as this there are a number of other issues that we feel need to be addressed by the NHS. The roll
out of the cannabis prescription is one that has been seriously lacking in being delivered to the people
who need it the most. We would also like to see a system in place where people who decide to take their
treatments into their own hands should be eligible for a one-off payment. This payment could come in the
form of NHS approved vouchers to be used at approved places.

I have now been referred to palliative care as there isn’t room for me in the system and this money would be
useful in continuing to pay for the treatments that I have had to pay for out of my own pocket. The only way the system will change is by people asking our elected MPs to ask questions. You can see a letter that I have sent to my current MP for Nottingham East, Chris Leslie. We will be continuing to ask questions over the course of the next 12 months.

We will also be adding a petition to this site regarding the unlocking of patient funding where people will be able to leave their names if they want to at a future date.