The Spirit Wrestlers website is about choices and how important it is to be given them. I was diagnosed with a highly aggressive head and neck cancer on December 15th 2015. Luckily it was spotted early thanks to the vigilance of my girlfriend Kate but after a lifetime of djing, drug taking and bad lifestyle choices the news hardly came as a surprise. A life long personal conviction stretching back to childhood steered me away from the hospital’s offer of chemotherapy and radiotherapy believing that unless you have faith in the treatment you are being given then it will not work for you.

I was honest with the hospital that I would be following natural healing practices including the daily use of cannabis oil. A decision that I feel impacted on relations with both of my oncologists(the first passing me on for asking too many questions), both of whom showed little to no interest in my chosen path, only wishing to discuss the hospital treatments they were offering

Since then I have been using non invasive natural healing methods. Some I have come across myself, others from friends or individuals who have been through a similar experience, or through attending groups working outside of the conventional medical industry. In many ways I have been one of the lucky ones, my experience in the music industry and non mainstream culture giving me access to information as well as high grade cannabis oil that otherwise would not have been available through the NHS.

I saw it as opportunity to seek out knowledge, give my body the space and freedom it needs to heal and reconnect with music. The journey has been not been easy at times and was never going to be but I know that I made the right choice for me

We believe that the choice should be yours too.

Spirit Wrestlers is about creating a space for helping yourself and others. We advocate integrative cancer treatments based upon individual needs and wishes, as well as the unlocking of medical funds for those who decline conventional treatments

Pete Woosh/The Peaceful Ones