Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. For me it was about the choices that I was being given or lack of them. My whole life I knew that conventional cancer treatments were not for me. I was aged 10 when my friend from round the corner was treated for leukemia with chemotherapy and I watched him wither away from the effects of it. I knew then that was not for me and four decades later I am being offered it as a front line combatant to my cancer

I knew the NHS could not treat my cancer using the natural means that I wanted but the least I was hoping for was a conversation. It was clear from the start that my oncologist did not wish to follow any line of questioning that did not start from her. I was given my options and that was that. After a few months my questions became too much and at the same meeting where I intended to fire my oncologist she beat me to it and fired me

Cancer became my ground zero. A natural healing zone and deadly killing zone operating side by side on a daily basis. It was not easy and was never going to be easy but I was in control and that is what that felt important. More than being a statistic on a someone else’s list of weekly appointments I was free to explore natural healing as much or as little as I liked.

Finally the most important thing is to have faith. Without it you are halfway to being beaten. Cancer is a psychological battle of the wits and you must never let it beat you no matter how dark the days and nights might become. The mind can be a powerful ally and best friend treat so trainlike you would your body

Listed below are some of the treatments that have helped me so far. They are part of an ever shifting programme that have has helped me for what is more than three years now. If embarking on a similar path, or if you involved in an integrated approach, what is important is that you do what is right for you. Things fall on and off, don’t beat yourself up, this is part of finding out what your body needs.

Cannabis Oil
Oxygen Therapy
Soursop Leaves
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Apricot Kernels
Herbal Drinks
Spiritual Healing
Ayurvedic Treatments
Sound Therapy
Medicinal Mushrooms