1. Spirit Wrestlers is a not for profit record label which supports natural healing networks.

2. Spirit Wrestlers believes that music is a powerful and sacred instrument that should be used for common good.

3. Spirit Wrestlers would like to see an open dialogue between patient and oncology at the point of diagnosis allowing treatment plans adapted to suit peoples personal and spiritual needs and beliefs instead of the current system which allows no deviation from NHS policy.

4. Spirit Wrestlers hope that a complete roll out of the cannabis prescription service is expedited so that those who are in need of immediate pain relief do not have to endure financial hardship and unnecessary physical pain. We also want to see increased research and development in to the use of cannabinoids and the treatment of cancer as well as other illnesses.

5. Spirit Wrestlers would like to see a voucher system introduced for those who have been referred to palliative care from oncology but who have not taken the conventional treatments offered to them. It is our beliefs that one-off payments could be used on NHS recognised treatment centres, organic food stores, cannabis oil, nutritional support, hyperbaric oxygen centres and massage treatments.